2010 | |

The Search for Truth

Advertiser: Colgate-Palmolive 
Marketing Sdn Bhd
Brand: Colgate
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Credits Ann Lim (Client Service Director), Tony Chang 
(Client Service Manager), 
June Fong (Buying Manager), 
Desmon Kiu (Client Service Executive, GroupM Interactive), Chong Lee Fen (Client Service Executive, GroupM Interactive)

DIGS - The Search for Truth

2010 | |

Paid Search Online Demand Generation

Advertiser: Malaysia Airlines System Bhd
Brand: Malaysia Airlines
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Khairul Syahar Khalid (Head, Advertising & Promotions), Malaysia Airlines

DIGS - Paid Search Online  Demand Generation

To increase the marketing budget yield using digital as a channel: Drive minimum 10% of the overall Malaysia Airlines web site revenue. Achieve a benchmark ROI of 1:25(for every $1 invested, generate $25 revenue). Also to build a long-term, profitable digital sales generation channel.

PPC (Pay/Click) or Paid Search program was identified as the digital marketing route with the highest potential to achieve the above objectives. By deploying PPC programs across all key markets with robust bid management & web analytic back end business intelligence system, MAS would be able to target key audience segments in the travel purchase mindset at the right juncture, drive them to MAS website and purchase air tickets thereby a achieving the set objectives. ‘

Global PPC program was established across 5 lead markets & 15 secondary markets with Google & Yahoo. Each campaign resorted to target “brand term searchers” and “destination term searchers” during normal travel periods with an add-on targeting of “deal searchers” during promotional campaign periods with tailor-made messaging. Combined market campaign set-up of 2.5 million+ keywords, 20,000+ advertising copies were cookie-tagged such that the tools can track optimize goal conversions to micro-level (tickets,revenue)

25% of the total revenue recorded in the MAS website was from the PPC program and also accounted for 25% of the total tickets recorded in the site. ROI multiple achievement of 1:50. PPC programme was established as a long term sales channel for the website.

2010 | |

Search Your Way to a Fitness Assistant

Advertiser: Shine
Brand: Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Samantha Tay 
(Associate Director), 
David Fu (Head of Digital)

DIGS - Search Your Way to a Fitness Assistant

RTD Yoghurt market was extremely cluttered with too many players making claims to health benefits, 0 calories, and slimmer bodies. Shine wanted to convey its Stay-in-shape proposition in a way that breaks the clutter and is engaging. The budget however was small.

Our fitness-conscious target often go online to SEARCH for practical ways to stay in shape, but were often disappointed with the results. The real problem, however, was not with the advice and info available, but that they didn’t have enough control of their lives and bodies. So we went beyond to offer a branded widget, against their fitness-related search queries, which is actually a practical everyday tool to help them control their lives better.

We targeted queries that relate to health-consciousness, fitness-sensitive, and looks-consucious. Our offer of a free fitness assistant surprised them. One could track daily calorie intakes, organize their diet and exercise calender, keep fitness notes, get advice from qualified trainers and share it all with friends. The desktop widget would be live round-the-clock helping manage their lives, reminding them of Shine and the role it could play in their lifestyle. They could also pass it on.

Despite a very thin budget, more that 20,000 were attracted by the branded utility at a CPC that was 50% less than industry average. The downloads and delightful experience further resulted in viralling among friends and colleagues that creating a new medium to remind Shine targets about its utility round-the-clock.

2010 | | – Achieving Leadership in Malaysia Through Search

Advertiser: 701 Search Sdn Bhd
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Shylendra AS Nathan (General Manager)

DIGS - - Achieving Leadership in Malaysia Through Search

Buying & selling online was something that Malaysians just wouldn’t do. Others had tried before us but,… It was a matter of life or death for us, our product was an online marketplace… we had to change behaviour.

Potential customers are attracted to explore a brand because of its radiance (awareness & buzz) and gravity (relevance & appeal) Search is recognized as a gateway to moments of relevance. We decided to use only search and in a rather unusual manner, not just for relevance but also to create brand awareness for a new brand (~70% of Malaysian’s online were using search).

We adopted some unique methods and married these to the common ones to create a distinctive approach. Virgin keywords versus the only most popular ones (40,000+ selected in total). Mix of Malay vernacular and English. Combination of text and banner ads. 1,700+ copy and banner options ensuring relevance & appeal. Creating a Super-formula to optimize responses from people posting ads and buying items. Cheapest click does not do much for us.

226% growth in monthly unique visitors 1.2million to 2.8 million. 344% growth in monthly ads posted 138,000 to 476,000
221%growth in monthly impressions 95 million to 210 million. 2nd most visited Malaysian website behind
One of the top websites to watch out for, worldwide.

2011 | |

Capturing smokers when it matters

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nicorette
Creative Agency: RepriseMedia
Credits: Ramakrishnan C.N (Executive Director), Samantha Tay (Associate Director), Preeta Mathew (Senior Media Planner), Lim Jia Hui (Media Planner), Ullas Sahadevan (Search Director, RepriseMedia), Linah Lim (Group Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd), Chong Yee Ee (IT/Digital Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd)

Nicorette, the smoking cessation product, was facing intense competition from the launch of Niquitin in the market and needed to differentiate itself amongst those who were thinking of quitting. We had to target the on-the-verge-of- quitting smokers with our message with the highest efficiency.

We understood that the smokers almost never smoked alone and it’s uncool to ‘want to quit’ in company. But increasingly they are getting alienated due to people quitting and limited smoking areas. When smoking alone, they are inseparable from their mobile devices, their ‘buddy’. These smokers could be coaxed into trying out Nicorette if we were able to reach to them during this phase of loneliness, introspection and me-time.

We decided to target them via Apps and browsers in their mobile devices, using contextual ads based on lifestyle, games, health, wellness, sports and other male skewed platforms. The Ad copies were designed to make them curious and lead them to specific information on the site encouraging them to quit smoking. The link led them to the site where they could see more information on how Nicorette
would help them.

The conversions of the device targeted ads was a phenomenal 14 times the normal desktop targeted campaign benchmarks. A whopping 96.2% of the clicks came from apps. We saw the enquiries increase
by a massive 76% in Pharmacies and sales recorded
the highest jump of 41% YoY.