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2010 | |

A Home Makeover Comes A-Knocking

Advertiser: Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd
Brand: Celcom Blue
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Liew Soon Ken (Senior Planning Director), Amiey Said (Media Group Head)

TV - A Home Makeover Comes A-Knocking
Around 90% of the Celcom Blue subscriber base is Malays whose mobile usage drops during Ramadan. Celcom needed an innovative, yet relevant, approach to increase usage during this festive period and strengthen bonds before the end of the year.

The Malay community is house proud, especially during the Hari Raya period so the solution was simple and obvious: give them a free home makeover for Hari Raya. A contest was launched to bond with current and potential subscribers and the prize was a free home makeover, which was awarded on a weekly basis. The contest was called Kejutan Deko Deko Deko Celcom Blue.

What made this contest different is the clever use of TV. Malays spend a lot of time watching TV and with TV3’s high affinity to them, it was the most effective and efficient medium. In a unique collaboration with TV3, contest mechanics required instant engagement with viewers as they had to SMS when they spot ‘brand bugs’ within programmes. To further entice viewers, renowned interior and fashion designer, Ridzalman, would personally redecorate winners’ homes.

The contest gained tremendous mileage during the Raya season with those two months recording the highest ARPU of 2009. Usage increased by 200% and acquisition by 10%. Celcom Blue was now in the homes, hearts and minds of Malays and Ridzalman’s presence gave the brand image a much-needed boost.