Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2012 | |

Captain Munch – Zero To Hero

Advertiser: Munchy’s Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Brand: Captain Munch
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

Captain Munch had a challenging start – it’s local, newly rebranded and had to compete against the triple threat of established and iconic international kids’ biscuit players. To spur the demand for Captain Munch, we needed to create high brand awareness and leverage on kids’ pester power to win them over!

Imagination is a kid’s best friend, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. They say ‘no’ to being a doctor or lawyer, but ‘yes’ to Ben 10 or Naruto. Their allegiance will always be, to superheroes. Hence, we set on to change Captain Munch’s status from mascot to Superhero. We needed a platform to catapult Captain Munch in the league of superheroes and capture kid’s hearts. BoBoi Boy – Malaysia’s answer to Ben 10, was the perfect platform.

Kids watched in awe as Captain munch heroically fought alongside BoBoi Boy, which aired on TV3’s primetime kid’s timebelt. Products were seamlessly integrated as characters were seen hanging out at a Captain Munch branded food stand. The finale even had a badge being magically turned into a Captain Munch cookie! To further fuel fandom, exclusive interviews were arranged on high rating kids’ talkshows. We also launched collectibles with a purchase hook which made sales soar.

Captain Munch becames a superhero in kids’ hearts! His popularity soared as Brand Awareness grew to 85%. Captain Munch becames No. 2 in the Cookie Category as sales exceeded target by 10%. The campaign reached 90% of our audience and we garnered an all-time high rating of 16 TVR.