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2010 | |

Streamyx Speed — Targeting to Sell Upgrade

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia
Brand: Streamyx
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Susan Lim (Assistant Manager), Ramakrishnan (Director Consulting Malaysia), David Fu (Head of Interactive)

DIG - streamyx

As surfing behavior has evolved, TM faced several disgruntled subscribers, who experienced slow speed due to their low bandwidth subscriptions but sophisticated usage. TM had an opportunity to invite them to experience the faster tier and upgrade. The challenge was it had different tiers to convey to different surfing needs.

We discovered that the best time to sell an upgrade was when the surfer is actually experiencing slow speed, waiting for something, that can’t wait. We also wanted them to try and get used to the smooth higher bandwidth experience, so they can upgrade. So, we used the micro-targeting technology to detect user bandwidth before serving different creative’s, customized to the bandwidth, amount of usage and the type of content users were trying to access.

For example, the slowest ones downloading mid-heavy content were invited to upgrade to the next tier and the faster ones but not fast enough for the very-heavy content they were accessing were invited to upgrade to the highest tier etc. The upgrade was free for four months to get them habituated.
Those who needn’t upgrade were invited to sign-up on TM’s Facebook fan page to share their positive experiences & to enjoy free music downloads.

The first-ever campaign leveraging such technology and wastage was zero. TM gained 20,000 new upgrades within a month! This campaign captured more than 19.2 million page views & over 57,000 clicks at a rate 4x higher than norm.