Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Search Your Way to a Fitness Assistant

Advertiser: Shine
Brand: Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Samantha Tay 
(Associate Director), 
David Fu (Head of Digital)

DIGS - Search Your Way to a Fitness Assistant

RTD Yoghurt market was extremely cluttered with too many players making claims to health benefits, 0 calories, and slimmer bodies. Shine wanted to convey its Stay-in-shape proposition in a way that breaks the clutter and is engaging. The budget however was small.

Our fitness-conscious target often go online to SEARCH for practical ways to stay in shape, but were often disappointed with the results. The real problem, however, was not with the advice and info available, but that they didn’t have enough control of their lives and bodies. So we went beyond to offer a branded widget, against their fitness-related search queries, which is actually a practical everyday tool to help them control their lives better.

We targeted queries that relate to health-consciousness, fitness-sensitive, and looks-consucious. Our offer of a free fitness assistant surprised them. One could track daily calorie intakes, organize their diet and exercise calender, keep fitness notes, get advice from qualified trainers and share it all with friends. The desktop widget would be live round-the-clock helping manage their lives, reminding them of Shine and the role it could play in their lifestyle. They could also pass it on.

Despite a very thin budget, more that 20,000 were attracted by the branded utility at a CPC that was 50% less than industry average. The downloads and delightful experience further resulted in viralling among friends and colleagues that creating a new medium to remind Shine targets about its utility round-the-clock.