Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | | – Achieving Leadership in Malaysia Through Search

Advertiser: 701 Search Sdn Bhd
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Shylendra AS Nathan (General Manager)

DIGS - - Achieving Leadership in Malaysia Through Search

Buying & selling online was something that Malaysians just wouldn’t do. Others had tried before us but,… It was a matter of life or death for us, our product was an online marketplace… we had to change behaviour.

Potential customers are attracted to explore a brand because of its radiance (awareness & buzz) and gravity (relevance & appeal) Search is recognized as a gateway to moments of relevance. We decided to use only search and in a rather unusual manner, not just for relevance but also to create brand awareness for a new brand (~70% of Malaysian’s online were using search).

We adopted some unique methods and married these to the common ones to create a distinctive approach. Virgin keywords versus the only most popular ones (40,000+ selected in total). Mix of Malay vernacular and English. Combination of text and banner ads. 1,700+ copy and banner options ensuring relevance & appeal. Creating a Super-formula to optimize responses from people posting ads and buying items. Cheapest click does not do much for us.

226% growth in monthly unique visitors 1.2million to 2.8 million. 344% growth in monthly ads posted 138,000 to 476,000
221%growth in monthly impressions 95 million to 210 million. 2nd most visited Malaysian website behind
One of the top websites to watch out for, worldwide.