Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Xpax Spreads Jungle Fever

Advertiser: Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd
Brand: Xpax
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Liew Soo Ken (Senior Planning Director), James Wong (Manager, Communications Planning), Amiey Said 
(Media Group Head)

SPON - Xpax Spreads Jungle Fever

How to reach your market when ATL isn’t an affinity channel, especially amongst youths? That is the question asked when trying to penetrate the media dark market, East Malaysia. We needed a strategy to get into the blood stream of the youth and strengthen Xpax’s widest coverage proposition.

What better way to reach them than to play to the beat of their pulse: music. Youths are constantly craving activities that fuel their senses and pump their adrenaline. And one of the more popular weekend-party-getaways is the Rainforest World Music Festival – three consecutive days of feverish partying with the latest in fusion music: a collaboration of tribal sounds with electro beats.

The Xpax Rainforest Music Festival fever spread to these party-goers the minute they arrive in East Malaysia, with prepaid pack offers, etc. The journey to the venue was infected with the colour purple. On site, an incubation centre, the Xpax Sonic Village, featured an array of activities: music workshops, chill out areas and nights of endless music further injected the fever through broadband connections and content downloads, emphasizing Xpax’s widest coverage proposition.

The fever was epidemic! Usage peaked during the event: 15% more prepaid reloads were sold compared to the average sales week. Youths spread the fever to their friends, resulting in an 8% conversion to Xpax. More importantly, Xpax’s widest coverage proposition is now firmly in the minds of youths.