Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Getting a Grip with Protex

Advertiser: Colgate-Palmolive Marketing 
Sdn Bhd
Brand: Protex
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Ann Lim (Client Service Director), Tan Bee Lui (Senior Client Service Executive), Tan Choon Liang 
(Client Service Executive), 
Thein Kwee Yean (Account Manager, Kinetic Worldwide)

OOHM - Getting a Grip with Protex

At the height of the H1N1 concern, Protex needed to stand out amongst the competition and stay on top of consumers’ mind.

Consumers were more susceptible to H1N1 in public and crowded places and more receptive to relevant messages in such situations. From this insight, we amplified the awareness and relevancy of Protex hand sanitizer as THE brand that could tackle the toughest bacteria via media placement in public transport – one of the most bacteria-laden environments in the city.

Every month, 5 million commuters are perpetually packed into the LRT trains, with little space between themselves and those around. By placing Protex Instant Antibacterial messages on LRT Handgrips, we created instant impact and empathy between the consumers and Protex.

Protex’s sales value grew 6 times in 3 months. The campaign helped instill the brand message in consumers’ minds by speaking to them in an environment that was both relevant and void of clutter.