Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Kota Bharu Salvation

Advertiser: Maxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd
Brand: Hotlink
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Kesevan Balasingam (Director, Client Leadership), Ahmad Shafneezal Bin Rashid (Executive, The Exchange), Karren Tan (Executive, The Exchange), Siti Baizura Binti Mohd Bazin (Executive, The Exchange), Nadiah Binti Ramli (Executive, The Exchange)

OOHM - Kota Bharu Salvation

Hotlink wanted to reaffirm its brand presence in a marked where competitors advertise aggressively. Kelantan is one of the poorest state in Malaysia. We needed to do something different that get people talking beyond the traditional advertising.

Local buses are the most ccessible form of transpoertation. It is also the most visible media, reaching the consumers at grassroot level. We leveraged on the most visible media to reward our customers. We decided that public display of awarding brand loyalty would help to get people talking.

Hotlink’s Free Rides Day became a day decided to rewarding Hotlink’s customers. The combinted strategies of bus chelter refurbished ment, banners, branded local buses and 1-day free rides synergistically generated campaign awareness and position Hotlink as a caring brand close to the heart of the local audience.

Prior to the 1-Day Free Bus Ride, locals were already anticipating Hotlink’s upcoming engagement. Brand awareness generated for appromixately 10,000 bus users resulting in 2223 new HOTLINK registrations in just one day! This generated intrinsic value to HOTLINK’s brand affinity as reflected by positive coverate in newspaper, online and radio.