Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Bring Home the Fun with Hasbro Games

Advertiser: Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) 
Sdn Bhd
Brand: Hasbro Family Game Night
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Angeline Lum (General Manager), Agnes Wong (Planner)

SB - Bring Home the Fun with Hasbro Games

The challenge was how we could flip economic uncertainty into an opportunity and keep Hasbro relevant to customers. We need to target and excite parents and kids with Hasbro’s Family Game Night; an event the whole family can enjoy and encourage family bonding.

Develop association of Hasbro amongst family audience. Consumer engagement is key, to attract customers and create a solid revenue stream. Given a limited budget, we need to be focus and prioritize our media selection to achieve high reach. We accomplished this by leveraging a multi-pronged approach that involves print contents association, school on-ground event and editorial word-of-mouth.

Associate Hasbro on Star’s Comic Fun & Games segment with a banner ad to allow readers to enjoy games while reading comics. Nickelodeon School on-ground event with stage game served as a call-to-action for consumers in triggering interest to play. Leveraging negotiation to get FOC exposure for Hasbro. Distribution content to press editorial to generate free publicity in keeping with the create once, publish often philosophy.

It was an extremely low budget campaign and cost less that RM53,000 over two months. Hasbro Family Game Nite sold over 500 units at retail, charted a growth of 33% versus 2008. The highly cost effective Hasbro campaign can be used a model for future efforts.