Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

NIKE Mercurials’s SPEED to Success

Advertiser: Nike
Brand: Nike Football
Creative Agency: Kinetic Design & Advertising
Credits: Bryan Chiang (Executive, The Exchange), Yuanne Lau (Director, Client Leadership), Daniel Tan (Account Executive, Kinetic Design & Advertising), Hani Mahdi (Former Director, Client Leadership, Mindshare)

The Mercurial SuperFly II, Nike’s most innovative football boot designed for explosive acceleration, faces an intense product awareness battle against competitors who were promoting products with similar claims. Nike needs to deliver strong cut-through executions that demonstrate “speed and acceleration” distinctively, and capture the imagination of their “Football-obsessed-teens” (FOTs) audience.

FOTs devour football related content across all media, from getting updated scores and viewing televised matches, to reading every word in a newspaper coverage of their favourite players. Research unsurprisingly showed that 80% of FOTs feel positive toward brands associated with their favourite players. So we partnered with Harian Metro and Star, who have highest affinity amongst FOT’s, and integrated into their football personality coverage eye- catching creatives that bring SuperFlyII’s explosive acceleration to life!

To bring acceleration effects to life, we designed a striking purple vapour trail effect that distorts actual news text, illustrating in a split second the motion of speed. Supplementing this, editor wove in captivating headlines related to acceleration, and then further reinforced the execution by surrounding the content with images of top football personalities renowned for their speed. Capping off, we included stories of how speed led these football stars into winning moments.

On launch day, Nike’s web traffic shot up by 112% and Google search volumes were 2.6 times higher than key competitors, reflecting successful cut-through execution that sparked curiosity. We gained extensive earned media (4x ROI) and capturing interest for news or product coverage in magazines, blogs, and other newspapers.