Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

DIGI – Get Inside Music

Advertiser: DiGi Telecommunications
Brand: DiGi
Creative Agency: Grey Malaysia
Credits: Audrey Chong (General Manager), Tommy Tan (Senior Media Planner), Sulin Lau/Amelia Lee/Nicole Yap (DiGi Telecommunications), Darry Tan (Grey Malaysia), Sean Lim (Grey Malaysia)

In 2009 DiGi launched one of the biggest music content platforms. But with so many ‘mobile’ music platforms in the market, consumers were not associating DiGi as providing the Best Music Experience. Our challenge: To demonstrate the power of DiGi Music; and consumers can experience DiGi Music anywhere!

2 in 3 phones sold in Malaysia last year 2010 were smartphones. Armed with these powerful gadgets, mobiles are an extension to the content and lifestyle consumer demand. “It’s not just what’s on my mobile, it’s what I can do with it”. The idea was to use traditional advertisements to provide a deeper music experience. Don’t just get into music, Get inside music!

To provide people a deeper music experience, we want to get people ‘inside the music’. Thus, we infused the idea of viewing a live music gig on a print ad for one day only. Instead of featuring a boring concert visual we embedded a QR code into a press advertisement inviting readers to rediscover music. Upon scanning the QR code, their phone was re- directed to actual live music video. Consumer got inside the music, literally!

Over 1,000,000 ‘DiGi Live Gigs’ were circulated; reached over 6,000,000 audiences (readership). This brought DiGi to a new level playing field – DiGi Music Experience is simply different, yet meaningful and real-time. For a 1 day ad, the QR code was activated for a week, generated close to 700 activations.