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2011 | |

Chipsmore Stole Readers Attention!

Advertiser: Kraft Malaysia
Brand: Chipsmore
Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia
Credits: Eileen Ooi (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Janice Tan (Executive, The Exchange), Lee See Pin (Executive, The Exchange), Karen Tan (Senior Executive, The Exchange)

NEWS - Chipsmore Stole Readers Attention!

Being a dominant cookie brand, in order to expand market share Chipsmore needs to increase sales by targeting people who infrequently buy cookies. To target these light cookie buyers, Chipsmore needs to create awareness and trial of the new “Chipsmore Less Sweet” variant that addresses concerns for kids’ health.

Light cookie buyers are mainly health-conscious urban moms who, when choosing biscuit brands, prioritize health (57%) as the second most important factor after taste. With insights that they’re avid press readers (60%) who increasingly trust press as a credible source of information (49%), we partnered with The Sun to create an innovative market first creative buy that convinces our audience of Chipsmore’s brand proposition: “25% less sugar, and kids love them just as much”.

The press execution for “Chipsmore Less Sweet” showcased kids climbing the editorial words with arms stretched out to reach for giant Chipsmore Less Sweet cookie. We strongly embedded our brand message, ’25% less sugar, kids love them just as much’ in the ad, which was further exemplified by the visual. Our unique execution was strategically placed in the main news segment, instantly catching readers’ attention.

The execution broke through clutter, generating huge impact for Chipsmore. Top-of-mind awareness increased 12%, from 24% to 36%, post launch. Tracking for ‘product trial’ jumped from 60% to 74%, while ‘product bought regularly’ increased to 64%, a 12% jump from 52%, within the first month of launch!