Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Going Beyond Creative Buys

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Pantene, Rejoice, Head & Shoulders
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Nitin Kumar (AOR Director), Chia Yin Ping (SSM-Associate Director), Siti Khasiah (SSM-Project Manager), Asreena Ramdan (SSM-Project Executive), Miaoyi Tan (SSM-Planner), Jeff Tan (SSM-Buyer)

Scene of magazine landscape: Too many choices and noise. In the past ten years, readership is declining and getting even more fragmented. In addition, too many new titles from time to time. The challenge is to make magazine ‘special’, making it a ‘collectible’.

Majority of Malaysian women refer to female magazines generally for beauty, and fashion tips. Magazines are mostly read during leisure, transit and waiting time. Cover slugs, editor’s notes, editorial recommendations for ‘must have’ products, editorial topics, product testimonial from readers and even online participation are usually unavailable for media buys. We saw this road block as opportunity to weave-in brand messages as editorial content. Brands will ‘dominate’ the theme of the entire magazine.

We teamed up with Malaysia’s largest magazine owner, Karangkraf, and created a ‘novelty media buy’ for top three selling magazines (Maskulin, Remaja, Nona) for Pantene, Rejoice and Head & Shoulder. Three magazines were ‘thematically-donimated’ with our brands’ corporate identity i.e. colors, mood, tone and feel. Special front and back covers; we showcased each brand’s message through editorial. There were featured articles associated with key brand message were present on every premium placement.

We successfully created ‘three beauty booklets’ for Pantene, Rejoice and Head & Shoulder respectively, each highly circulated by Karangkraf. This idea raised the bar for magazine creative buys for P&G; exemplifying best-in-class example in Southeast Asia; thus, replicated across markets.