Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Crowning the Craziest Curry Fan!

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MAGGI
Creative Agency: Publicis
Credits: Audrey Low (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Mindy Chai (Executive), Yvonne Tan (Senior Executive), Allison Chin (Trading Director), Nestle Products Sdn Bhd, Media Prima Radio

MAGGI Noodles is the dominant market leader for its bestselling Curry flavor variant, but competitors are investing 4 times more on advertising, leaving us in danger of losing consumer loyalty. We had to reignite consumer passion and affinity for MAGGI curry, but our budgets were not going to increase significantly.

We needed a platform that could cost- effectively achieve critical mass. Radio became the ideal choice as it allows interaction, whereas TV was too cluttered and doesn’t allow two-way communication. Building on the idea that our fans would do crazy things for their favourite MAGGI Curry flavor, we encouraged listeners to submit their craziest request for their favourite radio DJ to fulfill! We brought the execution to life by leveraging the DJ’s huge fan following.

To dial up the campaign’s craziness, we partnered with morning segment DJs known for their spontaneity, wackiness and liveliness from 3 top stations. After performing the challenges, the DJ’s videos are posted on the station’s website, DJ’s fan page and MAGGI’s fan page. Fans voted for their favourite crazy stunt, with incentives for highest votes. The intense competition had DJs constantly rallying fans for votes, so they can be crowned as MAGGI Curry’s craziest fan!

Our 2,200 entries were 4.4x higher than the station’s average, while page views for all three radio websites were 340% higher than average! MAGGI ignited digital space conversation, improved brand score for “most popular brand” by 10% (Millward Brown), and increased MAGGI Curry’s market share by +5% within a month!