Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Unleashing the “Tiger” in the Social World

Advertiser: Guinness Anchor Berhad
Brand: Tiger Beer
Creative Agency: G2DI
Credits: Audrey Ooi (Executive, Digital), Desmond Kiu (Head of Digital), Matthew Pak (Senior Executive, The Exchange)

It was the Year of the Tiger, and Tiger Beer needed to be that “Tiger” by launching a new platinum look. Due to production issues, Tiger Beer’s launch was only confirmed days before the deadline to market it, challenging us to creatively execute a fierce launch in just three days.

Three days is insufficient to design a print ad, much less a TVC. This didn’t dampen our spirits, for we realized our target audience doesn’t trust TV or newspapers anyway, placing more trust in social media and word of mouth. So we dropped an explosive announcement on Facebook, Twitter and blogs, and released word that a nearby food court was giving out free Tiger Beer.

We intentionally made it sound like a rumor, strategically creating talkability as people turned to social media for peer verification. Key social media users with large followings took it a notch higher, updating their social profiles with the hashtag #freebeer for three days. A few hours before the launch, we sent photos of the beer setup to Key-Opinion-Leaders, who posted on their profiles, verifying that Tiger Free Beer was actually true, and increased hype.

The hype attracted 10,000+ Facebook fans. Three thousand came for free beer, tweeting and updating Facebook within two hours, leaving others envious. Numerous free post-event blog coverage contributed to a total PR value of RM1,000,000, a 333% ROI. We successfully unleashed that “Tiger” in the year of the Tiger!