Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

CIMB Clicks OCTO, Beating the Odds

Advertiser: CIMB Bank
Brand: CIMB Clicks Octo
Creative Agency: IF Interactive
Credits: Tan Soon Liang (Digital Director), Ruby Subramaniam (Junior Digital Planner), Yeo Li Ying (Trainee Digital Planner), Wong Tse San (Client Services Director), Joanne Yau (Media Director), Yvonne Lee (Senior Media Planner), Suraiya Abdul Samad (Assistant General Manager, Marketing & Communications, CIMB Bank)

Number of clicks achieved in an online campaign does not necessarily reflect campaign success. The higher the investment, the more clicks will be generated. Whereas interaction time on a banner ad gives real indication of engagement and trust. We were challenged to beat the industry average rate of 2.5%.

Insights revealed that urban professionals are constantly curious or worried about their future especially in areas such as money, career and relationship. Paul, the World Cup match predicting octopus, became an overnight sensation. We saw the opportunity to leverage on Paul’s popularity to our advantage by associating CIMB Clicks’ mascot, Octo, as Paul’s cousin. Octo too had fun fortune-telling insights but specialized in the areas of money, career and relationships.

We needed to act fast whilst Paul was still a hot sensation. Cutting short the planning phase of a usual 4 weeks period, a plan was constructed, put forward to CIMB and launched in only 4 days. Rich media banner buys enabled our audience to interact and allow Octo to predict a little “future” for them. They could even choose how far ahead they wanted Octo to predict, generating high levels of engagement.

Clicks Octo gained instant stand-out through this unique association with Paul. Double Click’s benchmark report states the industry average interaction rate as 2.5%. Clicks Octo achieved an interaction rate of 16%, a whopping 6.4 times higher! Could you have predicted that!