Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Mission Possible! Facebook the Mission. Live the Broadband Experience

Advertiser: Maxis Mobile Service Sdn Bhd
Brand: Maxis Broadband
Creative Agency: Integricity Corporation Sdn Bhd
Credits: Raja Jesrina Azlina Raja Arshad, Kristine Ong, Josephine Har

In 2009, Maxis Broadband customers were extremely frustrated with unstable connections. In 2010, Maxis drastically improved their broadband services and also created 7 customized packages tailored to different online consumer profiles. Now, the challenge to the agency was HOW to communicate these improvements, change brand perceptions and truly boost likeability?

Our core audience of 18-34 year-old urban Malaysians are most active on social media. Thus we went for a fully digital approach leveraging on social with NO ATL support. We introduced “Mission Possible” the FIRST EVER full-fledged multi-level Facebook game contest by a Malaysian Telco. By bringing Maxis Broadband features and 7 “characters” to life, we not only educated prospects of new offerings but improved brand likeability through fun engagement and a rewarding online experience!

Mission Possible immersed players in environments actively suggesting usage of Maxis Broadband and insight to its benefits. Playing a secret agent, users chose from 7 Broadband characters, retrieved stolen data and uploaded it to Headquarters via Maxis Broadband! Special prizes were awarded to winners thus encouraging sign-ups. We also ran engaging Youtube interviews with local celebrities personifying each Broadband character. The Mission was a testament of Maxis Broadband’s improved performance, positively gaining back consumers’ confidence.

Mission Accomplished! A phenomenal 240% surge in Broadband sales versus the previous month, through successful demonstration of Maxis Broadband’s performance. The immersed experience strengthened brand likeability gaining 50% increase in Maxis Facebook fans and 50,781 Game downloads, an impressive 150% more than average in just 7 weeks!