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2011 | |

The Rookie Nokia

Advertiser: Nokia
Brand: Nokia E72 The Rookie Reality Show
Creative Agency: iProspect
Credits: Fan Chen Yip (General Manager), Justin Murugaya (General Manager, iProspect), Naveen Thomas (Search Executive, iProspect)

DIGS - The Rookie Nokia

Nokia ran a reality recruitment campaign called “The Rookie” where pre-selected individuals vie for an internship through various challenges armed with the new Nokia E72. We were tasked with promoting the webisodes and our challenge was to retain the show’s weekly viewership.

The idea was to ensure we engaged those who’ve reacted to “The Rookie” ad for the first time, to see a tailored ad message the next time they triggered any of our targeted keywords. This allows us to continue engaging the target audience in the right context of messaging by almost “speaking” to the audience personally. This is “Remarketing” – a powerful new way of matching individual searches with customized messaging.

We launched the campaign in 2 phases, firstly with Conventional Paid Search, and then followed by the “Remarketing” Search method. This called for 2 separate keyword portfolios – the first to blanket wide searches; and the second, to retarget custom searches. When the target audience clicks through on the first ad, a tag is activated, whereby on the next session they search, our customized webisode ads are served to them automatically.

The strategy and execution resulted in reaching over 27,000,000 of the Nokia’s target audience. Google recognized our brilliant innovation and awarded Nokia the Google Googlies award for Promotional Campaign of the year! Thanks to an innovative approach to search marketing.