Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

The Mobile Connection with Showrooms

Advertiser: BMW
Brand: BMW
Creative Agency: iProspects
Credits: Fan Chen Yip (General Manager), Jenny Au (Media Director), Vivian Tah (Accout Manager), Justin Murugaya (General Manager, iProspect)

With mobile becoming more apparent in the lives of its target audience, BMW sought to capitalize on the opportunity to allow its potential customers to “get closer” to the brand by making it convenient to locate showrooms during promotional periods when one is nearby.

Mobile Search was identified as a platform to address the set objectives as desktop searches limits the potential of reaching the audience who are on the move and doesn’t allow the convenience looking for a showroom close to their current location. Because mobile search engines use a GPS locator embedded within smartphones to determine the owner’s current location, we know we could display location based search results on their mobile screen.

So, when potential customers are looking for a BMW showroom, they’d enter their search query into their phone and the search engine returns results with address and contact details of the nearest showroom. All they need to do is simply click on the phone number and call the showroom directly to set their appointment or enquire certain things. A map would also appear from the ad which could direct them to the closest showroom.

This media first in Malaysia by an automotive brand gave BMW a 590% lift on mobile space. It successfully targeted interested consumers, driving them to their closest showroom. The campaign captured close to 7% of showroom searches which would have been a lost opportunity if depended solely on desktop search.