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Tuning in to TUNE

Advertiser: Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd
Brand: Tune Hotel
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Eileen Chui (Manager, Digital), Desmond Kiu (Head of Digital), Johann Anuar (Executive, Digital), Edhir Eusof/Guat Ching Chia (Senior Executive, Digital), Sanchit Sanga (Head of Search Marketing [SEA], GroupM Search), Jerry Lim (Search Director, GroupM Malaysia)

When it comes to travelling, Malaysians depend heavily on search engines to find the best deals, and too often around the cheapest flights & hotels. TuneHotels, a value driven product, is exactly that product people look for. However, it was not getting listed prominently on search engines.

Most convenient route for agencies to address this challenge would be paid search paying for ‘sponsored’ placements on search engines. To us, that wasn’t sustainable. We took a journey less travelled, by driving organic search placements for From research, consumers click on organic placements far more than paid placements. We focused on optimizing elements on the website from text to videos, images to social mentions to create the ‘Circle of Influence on search engines

We commenced our journey with a comprehensive audit on (with state-of-the-art technology), mainly by looking at the website as how a Google, Yahoo and Bing crawler would (crawlers see different things on a website, compared to human eyes). As a result we were identified shortfalls within the website, like disproportionate back- links from Google & Yahoo*, key messages being embedded in images*, missing meta keywords*, inefficiencies with keyword density*, canonical URLs and duplicate meta-tags.

Search engine users started Tuning in to The number of keywords where is ranked #1 in the search engines results page increased by a whopping 27% In terms of search engine saturation, the number of pages from increased by 127% on Google, Yahoo and Bing