Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Making Search Young and Hip

Advertiser: Nokia
Brand: C3
Creative Agency: iProspect
Credits: Fan Chen Yip (General Manager), Justin Murugaya (General Manager, iProspect), Naveen Thomas (Search Executive, iProspect)

Nokia wanted to promote their new cost effective social smart phone – The Nokia C3. Search was tasked with generating awareness for the phone in a highly competitive category amongst the Youths of Malaysia, who are bombarded with propositions from other phones that were perceived to be cooler

Our strategy required the inclusion of unique targeting styles to overcome ‘youth speak’. To be more relevant to them, we customized our search campaign to suit their lingo and to segment propositions that would resonate better with them. Our three-tiered strategy: – youth oriented search (targeting keywords searched by youths) – phone specific search (using keywords relevant to features useful to youths) – social specific searches (leveraging keywords from social media buzz)

A strategic structuring method was formed to differentiate their search motivation to capture quality leads, ensuring we created relative awareness, in the 2 major languages used by Malaysian youth searchers, i.e. English and Malay. Youth lingo in both languages was also used in ad copies to be relevant and engaging. E.g. “chill”, “sembang”, “awesome”, “fb tag me”, and more.

Search contributed to the campaign’s 37% higher than expected results and a 42% increase in product pageviews. In 60 days, there were close to 10,000 actions on conversion points of the website. Search was the most successful media at the lowest cost for the campaign.