Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

TM Paints the Future with Upin & Ipin

Advertiser: TM
Brand: TM
Creative Agency: Les Copaque Production Sdn Bhd
Credits: Kagee Chew (General Manager), Susan Lim (Manager), Soh Ai Wee (Media Planner), Lim Nian Shan (Senior Buyer), Alicia Boey Wai Fun (General Manager, TM), Rohanah Jusin (Assistant General Manager, TM), Fariza Rozanim Abdul), Rahim (Manager, TM), Suhaili Kassim (Assistant Manager, TM)

The World-cup saw high aggression amongst the Telco players. Young-Malay-families were the biggest source of business for TM & TM needed to own this segment. In the wake of a hi-tech future of Malaysia, these parents wanted their children to adopt new-age lifestyle, yet stay close to the roots.

We discovered that in young Malay families, kids have a very high share of remote and parents often watch kids programs. Upin&Ipin was the no. 1 animation program. Much like children, young Malay parents loved it as it was close to their values and reconnected them to their fun Kampung memories. This was the perfect context to introduce TM products to children – bringing a charming fusion of high- tech experience with local soul and values.

We decided to sponsor Upin&Ipin and worked with scriptwriter to weave in different products of TM in a seamless integration with the storyline. Five dedicated episodes were written with three Ramadhan&Raya episodes dialing-up the usage of iTalk and Homeline with family bonding & festivities, one episode to stamp TM’s ownership on the World-Cup and a first ever SCIENCE-FICTION EPISODE which saw a seamless integration of ‘UniFi’ into Upin&Ipin’s futuristic vision of Malaysia.

Upin & Ipin garnered an amazing TVR of 17! making it the highest viewed kids program on TV9. The program reached out to more than 2.6mil people. TM cemented its position as a leader in the ‘Broadband’ segment, growing it’s subscription by a whopping 15% despite heavy competition.