Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

The Lion King

Advertiser: Southern Lion
Brand: Kodomo Lion
Creative Agency: Cheval Creative
Credits: Alex Goh (Group Account Director), Shareen Chew (Account Manager), Leow Mei Lin/Ivene Yee (Media Planner), Bala Pomaleh (Managing Director)

With ever mushrooming FMCG brands in the market, the incremental cost to engage both parents and children into purchasing Kodomo Lion via traditional media was getting increasingly expensive. The challenge was for the agency to effectively reach them at a lower cost per reach.

Often parents bring their kids to their hypermarkets visits and we know that each child’s “pester power” by methods of whining or using their doe eyes can be difficult to resist. Most children find the visuals irresistible thus pestering their parents to approach the shelf while the communication message of the visuals was more informative to be aimed directly at the parents. We dominated the toothpaste category in Jusco and Carrefour hypermarkets to maximize reach.

To ensure that we were not misallocating resources, store walks were conducted to understand exactly what creative works would warrant maximum direct cut-through communication. Combined with an integration of mediums by using additional floor stoppers, its first main goal to capture the attention of the shoppers was achieved while the shelf banners retained their attention at the most crucial point of purchase.

Results show incremental sales estimated 50% growth on Kodomo Lion compared to last year. Through the category domination, it allowed client to garnered better trade and shelf product placements. The win-win situation not only benefited client, but brings joy and happiness for the parents and their kids.