Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Malaysians Go Puplylicious

Advertiser: Coca Cola Far East Limited
Brand: Minute Maid Pulpy
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Rina Low (Associate Media Director), Tan Gim Sue (Senior Media Planner), Lavend Ng (Media Planner), Mohd Farriz Yousof (Media Buyer), Rommel P. Fuentebella (Group Manager, Coca Cola Far East Limited), Michael Wong (Manager, Coca Cola Far East Limited), Nicholas Cheong (Executive, Coca Cola Far East Limited), Sarah Ong Haris Ong (Assistant Manager Client Service Group, Media Prima)

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Last two years had seen a plethora of brands in juices claiming real orange, natural orange, genuine orange, true orange, 100% orange, and sometimes dozen vitamins to boot. As a latecomer, Minute Maid had to cut through the clutter, and be different enough to make people try the product.

Taste was the biggest truth in beverages and when it came to juices, pulp was where the magic was. So, we romanced the simple delicious pleasures of a juicy chewy fulfilling pulp – via a new word – “Pulpylicious”. We decided to use a “Shake, Tickle, Chew” ritual, (shake and drink, pulp tickles taste buds, chew for pleasure) to experience the “Pulpylicious!!!”. It was fun, it was crazy and it was very very delicious.

Minute Maid brand was a jester – fun, naughty and humorous. We took over a youth program – Bang Bang Boom on TV3, where people play crazy pranks on streets. 6 episodes of custom ‘pulpylicious’ segments invited people to participate and spread their own contagious shake, tickle and chew routine! “8TV Newbies” used Shake, Tickle and Chew themed footages across four new programs to create pulpylicious capsules. Special Transformer trucks sampled creating fun curious buzz.

The show was highly successful! The ratings boosted to 19TVR. Minute Maid Pulpy’s awareness soared to 64% beyond our target! Minute Maid also had good handover from awareness to consumption intent – a strong indication that Pulpylicious works to engage our audience. Today, the brand is commonly known as Pulpy.