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2011 | |

NIKE Unleashes A Passion For Running In Youth

Advertiser: Nike
Brand: Nike Running
Creative Agency: Kinetic Design & Advertising
Credits: Bryan Chiang/Kweh Haan Hwei (Executive, The Exchange), Yuanne Lau (Director, Client Leadership), Jamie Lewin (Invention, Client Leadership), Jaynee Chin (Account Executive, The Sun), Chong Cheng Hai (Acting Editor-in-Chief, The Sun), Daniel Tan (Account Executive, Kinetic Design & Advertising)

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Running is perceived by Malaysian youth as an unappealing stale and functional way to build health. Nike aims to instill a passion for running amongst youth by organizing a first- time ever running event in KL. How can we recruit disinterested youth on a shoestring budget?

Since independence, Singapore and Malaysia has been always set up a cultural rivalry that transcends age and truly connects with youths. Centered on these sentiments, Nike activated ‘KL vs. SG- Run for your city’. Leveraged theSun’s targeted distribution, fresh editorial style and cost-free paper that magnetize youths, Nike’s event ran to front- page news headline, provoked youths’ ‘Kiasu- ness’ (fear of losing), urged them to participate, connecting to their hearts and minds, and unleashing their running passion.

Pioneering with the news editor, we customized the front-page news, showing thousands of passionate youths rallying for KL. With a captivating headline, we excite youths to run for KL. Nike’s signature shoe print was creatively stamped on the page to depict appealing ‘coolness’ and ‘WOW effect’ for youths. The communication was executed in theSun’s original editorial style with intact icons, masthead, look and feel to enforce content credibility and authenticity.

Over 6,000 people ran for KL, surpassing expectations. The under-25 y/o category accounted for 63% of participants, indicating an immense success to connect with the youths. The 1-time front-page execution singlehandedly triggered over RM2.6mil worth of media coverage across newsprints, magazines, news portals, FOC ads, blogs reviews and social media.