Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

F&N Redefines TV into a Participative Gaming Hub

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: F&N Fun Flavours
Creative Agency: Bates Malaysia
Credits: Universal McCann — Chew Kagee (Senior Vice President), Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Jacinth Lum Sin Yeh (Senior Media Planner), Nikki Fok (Media Planner), Cecilia Wong (Media Buyer) / Rally — Derek Tan (Executive Director), Chew Xian Kim (Manager Community Strategy), Bryan Hoo (Senior Social Media Specialist) / F&N Interflavina Pte. Ltd. — Jenny Wong (Assistant General Manager, Marketing), Yee Pek Kuan (Brand Marketing Manager, CSD, Juice & Water), Stephanie Wong Wai Yee (Brand Manager, Juice & Water), Vanessa Lim Su Ping (Assistant Brand Manager, CSD) / Bates Malaysia — Aditya Kilpady (Strategic Planning Director), Elaine Yap (Account Director), Gavin Teoh (Senior Account Manager)

CSDs are struggling to stay relevant. In its 129th year, F&N is perceived as old whilst typical ‘fun’ imagery shown on TVCs are becoming irrelevant to youth. Besieged with media choices, TV viewing remained popular, but we knew they were skipping ads. F&N had to make TVC viewing exciting again!

Youth are married to their mobile devices. It is their personal source of happiness always there, never arguing, only entertaining. Whilst watching TV they could be checking friends’ updates on Facebook, chatting or even trying to beat their friends’ scores on Candy Crush. Milking this relationship, media agency recommended to bring augmented, gaming fun to TV, where F&N TVC triggered an explosion of addictive, fun bubbles across their mobile devices to be blasted away.

As a first ever in Malaysia, media agency created the F&N Bubble Blaster mobile app which uses image recognition technology to interact with TV images. The F&N TVC urged them to point their mobile at the TV, resulting in an explosion of bubbles on their screen and they had fun blasting the bubbles away. Immediately sharing their scores and challenging friends on Facebook. TVC viewing had become a participative and fun filled social gaming experience.

In 6 weeks, TV campaign reached 68% youth. Bubble Blaster was played 101,435 times, gaining additional 80,399 Facebook fans (+126%). TVC was viewed 5.78m times. It amassed RM3.25m in Earned media value. Spontaneous Brand Awareness grew 14.29%, Brand Likability grew 5.9% whilst Sales increased 33% post campaign.