Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |


Advertiser: Walt Disney Television International (Southeast Asia)
Brand: Disney Channel
Creative Agency: Grid Singapore
Credits: Benjamin Chew (Media Manager), Roslyn Tan (Media Planner)

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School holiday periods have always been an intense competition period for kid’s TV Channels. During these periods, kids received their ‘get-out-of- studying’ free card to watch as much TV. Disney Channel needed to engage as many viewers throughout school holidays to boost ratings in order to compete with Cartoon Network.

Adults often think that kids love shopping. Honest truth: kids find shopping with parents “Boring”. Shopping experience is only fun when it involves getting the kids involved. However, for a kid to go through a long adult shopping list will be rather ‘painful’. We needed a ‘get- out-of-boredom’ idea for kids so that they look forward to go to the mall. The “So Syok” entertainment structure was constructed aimed to amuse kids at the mall.

At selected malls in KL, Penang, and Ipoh, on- ground ‘TV programme So Syok’ experiences were created to engage ‘bored’ kids while shopping with their parents. Kids interacted with Disney’s on-ground activities such as photo session with Disney characters, danced to Disney tunes, and played dressing up. Kids were left smiling with Polaroid photographs of themselves as memento of their day’s activities. These photos were reminder for them to watch the shows at home.

Brand recall improved greatly amongst kids and parents who interacted with the “So Syok” structure. The Polaroid takeaway aided the recall well. During the school holiday periods, both viewership and ratings on Disney Channel programmes improved meeting expectation.