Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Performance You Can See

Advertiser: Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd
Brand: Shell Helix Motor Oils
Creative Agency: JWT
Credits: Gwei Hway (Business Director), Poon Puay May (Manager), Heidi Lim (Planner), Kevin Koh (Assistant Planner), Siew May Har (Manager), Hamzinah Abdullah (Senior Buyer), Yu Li Ching (Brand Manager, Shell), Michelle Hoe (Trade Marketer, Shell), Shikin Yusof (Senior Account Executive, JWT)

OOHM - Performance You Can See


Engine oil is a low interest category. Many dismiss its importance. To educate the motorists, we needed to have an “attention grabbing” execution so that motorist were able to see how a good grade engine oil can help to maintain the lifespan of the engine and sustain its performance.

Most motorists depend on mechanics to advise them on car engine maintenance. But mechanics don’t educate. Motorist may have heard or read about better engine oil aiding performance but could not understand enough to influence the mechanics. So we brought a ‘life-size’ but transparent engine to life. It gave motorists an opportunity to see the “inside-out” of an engine and how Shell Helix could remove up to five times more dirt and sludge.

A glass transparent engine made by acrylic was built to demonstrate the engine cleaning process and was placed strategically at several high pedestrian traffic shopping malls on rotational basis. In this replica, yellow colored water was used to resemble Shell Helix Ultra engine oil and black particles stood in for sludge. It showed the continued process of how Shell Helix Ultra was pumped into the engine to displace the sludge therefore providing ultimate cleaning performance.

Shell Helix ‘life size’ transparent engine had an explosive effect. The malls received rave reviews from the public. Sales volume increased by 15% between Q4 2009 (Oct-Dec) versus Q4 2010 (Oct-Dec). This 1st of its kind ambient execution reached out to almost 4million people per month in shopping malls.