Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

HSBC ‘Hijacked’ The Malaysian Megasale

Advertiser: Dutch Lady
Brand: Dutch Lady
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: Ramakrishnan C.N (Executive Director), Goh Soo Mei (Media Manager), Olivia Lee (Media Planner), Chow Lee Kheng (Media Buyer), Sharon Tan (Marketing Manager, Dutch Lady Milk Industries), Christy Yong (Brand Manager, Dutch Lady Milk Industries), Karen Tan (Group Account Director, Leo Burnett)

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The newly enforced RM50 credit card annual tax caused a cardholder decrease of 2,100,000 in nine months! Transferring balances to cards offering long-term benefits, cardholders subsequently spent less with accumulated balances owing. Competition to maximize business from remaining cardholders intensified, challenging HSBC to retain cardholder spending while gaining new sign-ups.

Our research showed that consumers only consider ONE thing when using credit cards, and that is savings! Consumers always opt for whichever gives them the BIGGEST discount. Nothing else matters! Leveraging Megasale’s markdowns, we created compelling INCENTIVE to spend with HSBC by enticing shoppers with an EXTRA 25% rebate on top of ALL Megasale discount offers. This encouraged positive spending behavior, and convinced consumers to make HSBC credit card their first choice when shopping.

Strategizing the INCENTIVE to spend, we identified the LARGEST active sales advertisers and hijacked their advertisements using newspapers front-page wrap, which created an HSBC umbrella over EVERY sales advertisement within the newspaper! Similar hijacking strategies were activated across mediums to create an HSBC umbrella over other big sales advertisers on radio stations, groceries catalogues, point of sale retailers, shopping malls, and hypermarkets. Each medium worked together synergistically, enticing consumers to enjoy the real deal.

This was HSBC credit card’s most successful campaign in its history! HSBC gained the highest number of new sign-ups, exceeding target by 190%! Total incremental spend surpassed expectations with +171% increase, while usage frequency recorded significant growth of +34%, proving successful retention of cardholder spending loyalty with HSBC.