Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

NIKE Writes the Future of Malaysian Football

Advertiser: Nike
Brand: Nike Football
Creative Agency: Kinetic Design & Advertising
Credits: Bryan Chiang (Executive, The Exchange), Yuanne Lau (Director, Client Leadership), Lim Li Yen (Executive-Digital, GroupM Malaysia), Natasha Sebastian (Senior Manager, Digital-GroupM Interaction), Hani Mahdi (Former Director, Client Leaderhip, Mindshare Singapore), Daniel Tan (Account Executive, Kinetic Design & Advertising), Carolyn Teo (Account Director, Kinetic Design & Advertising)

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Since Nike wasn’t an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, they were blocked from associating their brand with the event by FIFA’s anti-ambush rules. To overcome these restrictions and achieve higher SOV than the ‘official sport sponsor’, Nike needed to build brand relationship with the elusive Football-obsessed-teens (FOTs).

From playing football to following football related content, FOTs live and breathe football, aspiring to become a top football player. We set out to teach FOTs and experience all-round football to foster a strong relationship with them before the World Cup. Concurrently, we activated ‘Write-The-Future’ (WTF) campaign that paved the road to the World Cup and motivated FOTs to excel in football, strategically engaging FOTs with Nike in three phases: Inspire, Enable, and Celebrate.

Centered on ‘WTF’ theme, we created on-ground football trainings that form emotional connection. Print editorials, PR, and social media highlighted inspiring stories and training advice from top footballers. Nike Cup tournament was then launched during World Cup alongside with unconventional viral video roadblock featuring WTF top footballers on TV, Facebook, Cinema and Youtube, enabling FOTs to realize their aspiration at Nike Cup. Finally, we amplified talk-ability by celebrating the goal moments on ‘real-time’ social media.

Over 15,000 FOTs participated in the Nike Cup, breaking FOTs ties with the ‘sport sponsor’ in World Cup. Nike achieved 50% SOV within sports category, widening the gap with its key competitor by 30%, and WTF Facebook earned 20% more ‘likes’ than its key competitor!