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2011 | |

Prosperity Burger Integrated Campaign Recruits New and Revives Interest Among Lapse Users

Advertiser: Golden Arches Restaurants Sdn Bhd
Brand: McDonald’s
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: Margaret Lim (GM), Jennifer Yean (Business Director), Kelly Liow (Planner), Mandy Law (Senior Buyer), Melati Abdul Hai (Head of Marketing, McDonald’s), Kelly Chan (Senior Marketing Manager, McDonald’s), Eugene Lee (Senior Marketing Officer, McDonald’s)

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After 16 years, McDonald’s Prosperity Burger has loyal followers who wait eagerly for this once-a-year burger. However, these existing users are growing older and the product needs to seek new terrain amongst younger consumers who has never tried it. The challenge was to connect to these two distinctive groups.

As existing users wait excitedly for Prosperity Burger, high reach media were used to declare that Prosperity is back and to revive their Prosperity love experience. While non-users think they won’t like the burger, they dislike being left out of something that is “happening”. Riding on that social currency, an integrated campaign helped them discover for themselves why 80% of Malaysians love the burger.

Television was used to quickly build mass reach, with one TVC aimed at reminding existing users to rediscover their passion for Prosperity Burger, and another to induce trial amongst non-users. Newspaper ads promoted newsiness and immediacy. Mega billboards promoted ‘bigness’. Radio ads drove frequency and call-to-action when both targets commute to work or studies. New college media was created to seed in social buzz among young actives where they spend most of their time.

Despite not being a value lunch offering, Prosperity Burger sales targets exceeded the previous years. Sold 3.6 million Prosperity Burgers despite of a shorter sales period. Had successfully re-connected with existing users. Prosperity Burger was part of the social buzz of young actives who even blogged about their eating experiences.