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2011 | |

How We Got Malaysians To Drink 23 Million More Cups of MIlo

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MILO
Creative Agency: o
Credits: Soo Wai Ching (Executive), Germaine Ooi (Manager), Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadership), Emily Chin (Senior Executive), Allison Chin (Trading Director), Nestle Products Sdn Bhd, Media Prima Group

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MILO’s Play More Learn More campaign (instrumental in educating Malaysians on the importance of sports participation) put words into action by creating MILO Camp to get kids involved. With resources rightly focused in 6 key cities, our challenge was to amplify MILO Camp and inspire the nation to follow suit.

We formed a seamless partnership with different departments of Media Prima, to amplify our message for parents to allocate more playtime for their children. We looked to position sports as the platform to foster national unity. A key theme in line with government initiatives, it was an effective platform that served our cause, and also fit well with Media Prima’s social objectives.

To demonstrate media integration, we rolled out the campaign by working with key opinion leaders -Malaysian sports personalities to create buzz on both TV and radio, resulting in amplification of MILO Camp within prime time news, talk shows, and interviews. DJs engaged participants at the Camps, lending social media coverage with their blogs and tweets. Working with newspaper editors, MILO Camp became Headline News, adding solid press credibility to the whole campaign.

Amplifying the “Sports” campaign via editorial format lent ground breaking credibility to the brand. Value of publicity received was at RM13.1 million(+860% more than investment). Awareness of importance of sports was +8% post campaign. Market share increased by 2% after the campaign (that’s a whopping 23 million cups of MILO)!