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2011 | |

Pantene 14 Days Challenge To Healthy, Beautiful, Shiny Hair On Anugerah Skrin

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Pantene
Creative Agency: Tonton
Credits: Nitin Kumar (AOR Director), Chia Yin Ping (SSM-Associate Director), Siti Khasiah (SSM-Project Manager), Asreena Ramdan (SSM-Project Executive), Miaoyi Tan (SSM-Planner), Jeff Tan (SSM-Buyer)

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‘The tyranny of choice’ rings painfully true, for women facing overwhelming of 41 competing shampoo brands, each offering multiple boutiques. In addition, women were bombarded with claims and counter-claims. Although Pantene enjoyed a strong market share for its mainstream products, it was not considered solution provider to damaged hair problems.

Women are happy to use Pantene for their hair, but when they things go wrong, a salon-recommended brand. We want to create a 14-Day-Transformation Challenge contest for women to show Pantene’s ability to answer every hair need or problem. We wanted to exhibit that Pantene heals the toughest hair problems. As part of Pantene’s “Total Care to Total Damage Care” umbrella branding, our challenge to ordinary women: Transform into healthy hair in just 14 days.

We partnered Anugerah Skrin (ASK), for maximum glamour and exposure. We launched the challenge using social media, sponsored/branded promos and in-store materials. We had 300 contestants; 14 Finalists were chosen to blog about their hair 14-day-hair-transformation. A branded “live star chat” for consumers on television and an online ‘rank-the-winners’ contest was created to engage public participation. The challenge concluded during the live ASK broadcast, with Pantene branding as an integral part of this marquee event.

Outstanding media results: •10,000 Facebook ‘likes’ in two months •Google search increased 23% •‘Live star chats’ drew 700/week for 8 weeks •3,527,850 impressions recorded •80% women surveyed mentioned Pantene solved their hair problems •Live stream: increased 341% •28% of households watched the ASK