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Astro Tutor TV SPM Leads Students To INTI

Advertiser: INTI International University & Colleges
Brand: INTI International University & Colleges
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Educational institutions invariably use newspaper supplements to generate leads for their semester intake. We asked ourselves: “Should we still rely on newspapers to reach 17-year-olds?”. The answer clearly was that our client, INTI International University & Colleges, needed a more innovative approach to target SPM students.

What are the key drivers for SPM students?
•They are on the lookout for study tips, sample questions and additional classes.
•They are grateful to receive peer support and encouragement.
•They are anxious and uncertain about what comes after the exams. In other words, they seek information, support and counseling.

After analyzing several platforms, we came up with the perfect solution – a partnership with “Astro Tutor TV SPM” – a dedicated education channel for SPM students.

INTI leveraged the Astro Tutor TV SPM’s (ATTV) partnership to deliver information, support and counseling to SPM students:-
•Promo spots positioned INTI as ATTV “education partner”.
•Special vignettes featured ATTV mascots Danny & Lisa discussed, “What’s next after SPM?”.
•ATTV Facebook discussed post-secondary education, whilst driving students to INTI’s digital platforms.
•An “Ask INTI” page on provided counseling on education options.
•INTI’s counselors were part of ATTV study clinics.

In 3 months, the innovative ATTV partnership met the objective of generating leads for INTI:-
•generated 2,000+ leads with conversions into enrolment.
•attracted 1,500+ students at study clinics.
•received 600+ questions via “Ask INTI”.
•registered 10x increase in INTI Facebook ‘likes’. INTI confirmed the next phase of partnership for 2012.