Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2012 | |

Bring The Pump To The Paper!

Advertiser: Petronas Dagangan Bhd
Brand: Primax 95 Xtra
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

PETRONAS launched new fuel PRIMAX 95 XTRA, during Malaysian F1 GP weekend. It was F1 period: how could we stand out from the advertising and noise clutter? Choice of fuel is also a matter of habit and convenience; it is not easy to induce shift or trial.

The act of pumping fuel is a standard unique action, involving squeezing the pump nozzle with hand and fingers. Hence, we wanted to induce the moment of truth of refueling as visually and disruptive as possible to motorists, to catch their attention when they read. We created a customized newspaper PRIMAX 95 XTRA Pump Nozzle as a wrap handle, it was a direct representation of pumping fuel action – 1st of its kind.

We selected The Sun – free newspaper distributed to mainly white-collar professionals, Malaysian drivers who were our high potential customers. The customized PRIMAX 95 XTRA Pump Nozzle acted as standalone ad. It was a handle for the wrap containing the newspaper inside. The 1st of its kind Pump Nozzle was distributed at main toll plazas nationwide. To break the habit of using competitors’ fuel, the wrap was distributed to selected condominiums near petrol stations.

Copies wrapped: 320,000, creating estimated reach of close to 900,000 (assuming 3X pass-on rate). Impactful, cut-through the F1 noise and clutter. Part of successful activities that contributed to new trial users of PRIMAX 95 XTRA, which saw a 6% volume increase during launch period.