Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |


Advertiser: Wrigley
Brand: Extra Professional Sugar Free Gum
Creative Agency: AMP
Credits: Nasser Mokhtar (Media Manager), Euny Liew (Media Planner), Stephanie Foong (Planning Director)

Many Malaysians don’t have habit of gum chewing – they rather rinse their mouth or brush their teeth. Our challenge was to establish EXTRA Professional awareness and establish the benefit of chewing gum for a cleaner mouth after meals.

Without fail, each day during meal time, many Malaysians ask this infamous question, “eh, where to eat, ah?” Common answer, “anywhere-lah”. And usually they will just pass the ball to the driver who needs to decide where to eat. We also know that Malaysians love to recommend good places to eat voluntarily. This brought alive our radio campaign, “Where to eat?” where listeners were invited to share best where-to-eat recommendations on air and online.

Everyday for 8 weeks, across 3 main radio stations, Malaysians will be prompted to call up radio stations to share the best places to eat. These call-ins strategically took place when hungry people are driving out for lunches or dinners! This will follow up with chewing gum message. Online banners also directed audience to make a suggestion on where-to-eat on an online portal. Each suggestion warrants a chance to MYR100 and prizes daily.

13,000,000+ Malaysians now have over 1000 ‘new’ places to go for their next meal. More importantly they know that they need to chew EXTRA after each meal – Brand awareness increased from 88 to 95% – Brand usage doubled from 13 to 27% – Sales increased by 20% (same period).