Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Driving subscriptions using competitor’s viewership

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: Hypp TV
Creative Agency: TM
Credits: Universal McCann — Jennifer Yean (General Manager) , Chek Yin Huay(Media Supervisor), Tan Ming Kim (Media Planner), Lim Nian Shan (Assistant Buying Manager), Mohd Shah Rezza (Media Buyer)

The Challenge

Households with UniFi/Streamyx have HyppTV service which viewers do not tend to switch on as they already own ASTRO decoders amounting to a loss for TM in terms of audiences and revenue. The challenge was to win back HyppTV audiences from Astro.

The Solution – Insight & Idea

Insight: By the sheer number of years for which Astro has reigned over the Malaysian households as the primary source of entertainment, it has become a kind of household habit for most Malaysians. Whenever they think of entertainment, they tend to assume Astro to be the best and only source. Strategy: HyppTV had to plant the idea that there is a better and alternative option for consumers and it is readily available in their homes. It was important to break the habit by triggering dissonance in the mindset of users by using the Astro programming and hijacking it with a view of HyppTV’s fresh content options. Idea: What if we used Astro to beat Astro? Using ‘content mirror based,smart media scheduling strategy’ on Astro, an orchestrated attack was launched to hijack the Astro content showcase with HyppTV messages. Targeting content affinity viewer clusters, HyppTV’s mirror content of the same genre was showcased to the viewers. The viewers would then be exposed to a whole new and exciting world of HyppTV content,even while they are watching Astro.

The Execution

A two pronged approach was deployed to make audiences switch their HyppTV sets. Disrupt: We targeted viewer clusters and went after ASTRO’s own content by introducing guerilla Ad placement. HyppTV content ads were showcased within ASTRO’s main programs. One of the top rated programs in ASTRO was The Voice, where we placed ads for HyppTV’s X Factor, knowing well that the viewers of Voice are the ones who would want to watch X Factor as well. We achieved 75% prime time segment reach against the total programs, and by the two pronged approach managed to entice audiences to start considering HyppTV as an appealing entertainment platform. Remind: HyppTV content was strategically placed within high viewership programs for to place the idea of entertainment content available on HyppTV. One of the examples was to use HyppTV BPL content snippets within the sports news segments. So essentially, Astro viewers were made to watch HyppTV’s exciting content on Astro, but in a limited manner, to tease them with the appeal of HyppTV.

The Results

The strategic placements successfully reached more than 78% of total TV viewers at a frequency of 19.1. The campaign reached 67% of the viewers more than 3x and exceeded the sales by 48% and 70% contributed to the new installation.