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Nestle CRUNCH WAFER munch amongst Teens through “Oh My English”

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nestle CRUNCH WAFER
Creative Agency: J Walter Thompson Sdn Bhd
Credits: Mindshare — Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadership), Allison Chin (Head of Trading), Rowena Ayaton (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Christine Poe (Manager), Lisa Wong (Senior Executive), Grace Ong (Executive), Su Leng Chiang (Executive)

The Challenge
We wanted Teens to call Nestle CRUNCH WAFER their snack of choice. But it was not an easy task: As a new entrant in the Confectionery category, the big challenge was to build awareness, generate brand imagery association, and ultimately be relevant to our target market.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Sleeping. Studying. Television. Those are the top 3 weekend activities for our target group. For them, humorous content is a lifesaver after a long school week. And fun, cool trendsetters (i.e. celebrities) take the top spot in their quest of self discovery. So, how do we tap into this insight? By collaborating with Astro’s “Oh My English”, the hot TV Show whose characters had a cult like following among our target. To further personify our brand values, we worked with Astro to create a brand new character that can truly represent the core brand essence of Nestle CRUNCH WAFER. And we introduced viewers to Nurul Farhani, or Hani for short, the new bubbly student from Shah Alam. A typical teenager itching to try something fun, Hani sometimes however lacks the confidence to truly make it among her peers. But all is not lost, because she gains a special boost in confidence every time she munches on her favorite snack, Nestle CRUNCH WAFER. It doesn’t hurt that her classmates are huge fans of the snack as well!

The Execution
To achieve our goal, we negotiated 17 episodes with seamless product integration and brand exposures within the program. We worked closely with Astro to dramatize our “crunchier wafer” proposition by adding our signature ‘crunch’ soundbites from our Television commercial material, whenever a character in the show eats our product. What’s more, we also used Oh My English to launch a new Nestle CRUNCH WAFER flavor since we do not have a Television ad for it. Working with Astro, we made creative fillers such as a pseudo- episode featuring Oh My English’s main characters having a conversation centered on CRUNCH WAFER, leveraging on the entertaining and educational platform of the program. This creative filler was aired across Astro channels and was also featured in Oh My English magazine for wider reach.

The Results
Branded episodes have seen by more than 50% Teens and aggregated endeavor watched by 1.7 million viewers. With healthy amount of buzz generated on Oh My English’s digital assets creating strong engagement and generating plenty of earned media. The result? 1) CRUNCH WAFER gained traction among Teens (+5%) 2) Helped sustain brand awareness despite whooping assertiveness of competition 3) Ultimately, helped increase 2 market share points, versus last year (Source: AGB Nielsen and Milward Brown)