Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Celcom A Malaysia Journey

Advertiser: Celcom Axiata Bhd
Brand: Celcom
Creative Agency: M & C Saatchi
Credits: Zenith Malaysia — Espee Wong (Media Manager), Chai Yee Mun (Associate Planning Director), Agnes Yee (Group Planning Director), Hazlen Hanif (Media Buyer)

The Challenge
When it’s about network superiority people broadly feel all service providers are same. They are cynical about them and is more prevalent among the urban affluent people who predominantly believe Maxis has the best network. It was challenging. Celcom had to persuade these cynics about its network superiority over Maxis

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Malaysian urban affluent people are a difficult lot. Convincing them is a tight rope walk. Without a hard- core demonstration of proofs they are not going to get persuaded. On the other hand if it is not entertaining they will immediately switch themselves off. Even in the entertainment arena if a brand takes a pivotal role, they will find it as a turn-off. The strategy was to demonstrate Celcom’s network superiority through captivating entertainment where the brand itself is incidental. To come up with a compelling idea we had to explore the world of our target audience pretty deeply. They are time-poor. Daily routine dictates their life. The deep mundaneness of daily life instils a keen craving for adventure in them. They take television as their window to satisfy this craving. That’s why adventure and travelogue programs are pretty popular among them. History channel had the highest viewership rating among them for a nationwide travelogue program that can showcase Celcom’s network strength. Our idea was to position Celcom as her partner in adventure. The brand role was planned to kept incidental

The Execution
Jamie Dempsey whose family is settled in the US was our rider. This six episode TV program showed how Celcom made it possible for Jamie to keep in touch with her family anywhere in Malaysia. She called, texted and Skyped only to get an immaculate service from Celcom. Celcom had incidental and scripted product integration in all 6 episodes. Each episode highlighted the strength of Celcom’s coverage throughout Malaysia – from voice and data connectivity to Celcom WiFi hotspots. Episodes brought alive the Celcom Blue Cube outlets: their wide presence, their efficient services. The reliability and accessibility of Celcom network was emphasized intelligently to drive the point of network superiority. The episodes subtly exhibited Celcom billboards to further emphasize its ‘fastest territory’ proposition. The episodes were then cut into vignettes that run across key international channels to broaden its reach to our target group

The Results
Celcom had successfully taken a journey with Jamie to the heart of Malaysian consumers, reaching over 826,000 viewers in Malaysia. Attained PR value over RM1million Media ROI of 8x