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How did “Pepsi”, “Revive” Raya for the less fortunate?

Advertiser: Permanis
Brand: Revive and Pepsi
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Carat — Allen Phang (Senior Planner), Carmen Wong (General Manager)

The Challenge
Raya is traditionally a happy occasion with food and merriments. But not if you are less fortunate. The monumental challenge that Revive and Pepsi took on was to organize the largest crowdsourcing initiative to bring cheer to the less fortunate during Raya.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Ramadhan is not about enjoying breaking fast at the longest buffet line. It is a holy month to purify one’s soul via abstinence during the day and charity throughout the month. Muslims are encouraged to be generous with donations during Ramadhan to achieve more “pahala” or blessings. In this spirit, Revive and Pepsi did not initiate this campaign to increase sales. It was a genuine effort to help the less fortunate. To make this big, Revive and Pepsi created a movement by involving all Malaysians to bring cheer to the less fortunate people. TabungMerisikKhabar (Caring for your welfare Fund) was the instrument. We pursued this noble cause by contributing 10 cents from every bottle sold during the Ramadhan period. Proceeds from the initiative were used to help the very poor or people going through extreme misfortunate such as losing their limbs or needing dire medical attention etc. We knew that we needed to deploy a multi-media approach, but we needed a lead media to lead it. TV is a high reach medium and we needed to leverage on this. So we looked for a TV partner, which lead to Astro stepping up to join forces with us in this venture.

The Execution
This noble cause kicked off with the difficult task of selecting 20 families who would receive help. Then, the collaboration with Astro Prima kicked off. Astro Prima’s popular show Primadona hosted our MerisikKhabar segments which captured and brought to life the sad stories of these families. These stories were heart wrenching and showed the dire state the families were in. They were emotionally broken. They were yearning for help. Through the MerisikKhabar segments, we were able to share these stories, highlight their plight and appeal to the majority of viewers to join forces and do their part in reviving the joy of Raya for these families. Festive promos were also aired for more awareness on this cause, and to generate that extra push, we combined TV with celebrity appeal. The TV campaign was further amplified with radio, Facebook, point of sale and newspaper support.

The Results
TabungMerisikKhabar collected over RM150K in 2013, double that of other Revive CSR effort and made MerisikKhabar larger than life. 25 families instead of 20 families received help. Despite no sales KPI to agency, it increased 8% in a hugely saturated market driven by price promotions and fun campaigns. The smiles from the families were priceless, being the greatest result of them all.