Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Malaysians’ Life Companion at the 13th General Elections

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Samsung Galaxy S4
Creative Agency: -nil-
Credits: LiquidThread — Siti Khairuddin (Associate Director – Brand Connections), Asreena Ramdan (Senior Project Executive); Starcom — Johanizam Johari (Media Planner)

The Challenge
The launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGS4) coincided with Malaysia’s 13th General Elections (GE13), the challenge was to break the political news clutter and divert attention to this new product. The goal was to announce SGS4’s launch and showcase its new features.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
We knew that our audience’s attention and prioritization would be on GE13. It would be pointless to fight for their attention to introduce the SGS4 with a regular thematic TVC. During this period, all eyes will be glued to the TV for the latest updates of GE13. Our audience will be anxiously flickering through multi channels, especially during commercial time, in search of the latest GE13 updates. Embracing SGS4’s positioning as “Life Companion”, instead of battling the GE13 space, our idea was to complement the environment and situation of the time by being part of the hype and excitement of GE13. SGS4 became Malaysian’s “Life Companion” through a series of news capsule on television that helped remind and announce the GE13 latest updates. Samsung became the Malaysians’ Life Companion at GE13.

The Execution
We needed to ensure that we engage all Malaysians during this important period. The 20s news capsules, available in 4 different versions and 3 different languages, were aired across main TV news channels – Media Prima and Astro platforms (such as Astro Awani news, Astro AEC news, TV3’s Bulletin Utama, NTV7 Edition, 8TV News, Berita TV9). The news time belt became our primary platform to release latest GE13 updates, and Samsung Galaxy S4 will ‘host’ these news capsules. On the TV screens, our audience saw the new Samsung Galaxy S4 design and shape with the latest GE13 updates. Samsung Galaxy S4’s new features – super slim body, super wide HD screen, and even Air Gestures™ were demonstrated throughout these capsules. Samsung successfully positioned the new Galaxy S4 as Malaysian’s Life Companion. We made it happen through one of Malaysia’s important milestone event, the 13th General Election.

The Results
Samsung achieved to launch the new phone despite the news clutter during GE13. The capsules reached 4,756,000+ audience across Malaysia’s news channels. Achieved xx ROI.