Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

The Master of Sponsorship Opens Up Possibilities

Advertiser: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: Panasonic Cooking
Creative Agency: Naga DDB
Credits: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd — Allan Wong (GM, Marketing Innovation), Hidekazu Sasaki (Marketing Director), Stella Lim (Executive, Advertising Communication - Marketing I); Vizeum Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd — How Yuan Yi (Client Services Director), Jessie Lian (Associate Media Director 6), Mandy Liew (Media Manager 7), Chan Mey Fung (Assistant Media Manager 8), Heryl Teh (Media Planner), Kwan Wei Mun (Senior Media Buyer)

The Challenge
Panasonic Kitchen appliances’ new positioning is “Opens Up Possibilities”. We need to take this positioning and bring it to life through strategic and creative media solutions.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Life in the kitchen has changed. The busy world we are all trying to survive is cutting back the available time we have to cook the family meal. Ten years ago this would take 55 minutes on average. Today, this is down to 26 minutes. With the added tension of trying to live the good life and perfect families in these difficult economic times, the pressure cooker is well and truly whistling. Our strategy was to embrace this world and be seen as an enabler who understands the pressure and delivers beyond expectations. For “Opens Up Possibilities” to truly resonate, at a functional level, we must demonstrate usage and develop quick cooking recipes that doesn’t compromise on taste. This will alleviate the tension and pressure that home cooks feel in the kitchen today. “Masterchef Malaysia All Stars” gave us a platform to deliver all our needs. We got great recipes, showcased the various appliances and its application, with the high drama that viewers were really hooked to.

The Execution
Sponsorship of Masterchef Malaysia All Stars on Astro RIA took us on a complete journey covering on-air, on-ground, outdoor, digital and social spaces. Across each channel, the content or script was carefully thought through. Painstaking details to the craft gave life to ‘Opens Up Possibilities’. Inside programme, challenges and recipes were developed to best showcase a Panasonic appliance. In speed challenges, complex preparation was cut down to just one minute with Panasonic food processor. In invention tests, contestants had to modify tried and tested recipes, changing the cooking method from stove top to using Panasonic oven or microwave. Scripted content was supported by incidental product shots in every episode for 10 weeks. 3,227 promos flooded the Astro Malay platform. Branded promos highlighted the Panasonic challenges. Programme promo featuring celebrities displayed Panasonic products in the background. At Masterchef Malaysia roadshows and on Astro Gempak, cooking demonstration and hands-on experience let our audience get closer to Panasonic Cooking.

The Results
22.6 million impressions from television alone with continuous on-air presence for 6 months. 17.4 million social interactions counted from Twitter and Facebook. 81% of our audience were highly engaged with the brand. 47% said they would consider the brand in their next purchase. Preference level went up to 65%. More Malaysian families are enjoying delicious home cooked food. Sales of Panasonic Cooking is steadily increasing. During the campaign period, many items ran out of stock!