Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

From Tin Cans to Raya Icons: AmbiPur breaks fast with Muslim Malays

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Ambi Pur
Creative Agency: Geometry Global
Credits: Mediacom Malaysia— Saurabh Chandrashekhar (Associate Director), Muk Ho (Communication Planner), Jox Petiza (Content Strategist), Christine Lim (Executive, Interaction), Leong Jia Chi (Implementation Executive), Ivan Shim (Implementation Executive); Geometry Global — Elicia Wee (Account Director), Lai Yin Yee (Senior Account Executive); Media Prima TV — Bernard Martin (Manager, Client Services)

The Challenge
Ramadan is the biggest annual selling period as Malays stock up on food and presents for the family. It is therefore the period of mass advertising, particularly from food and beverage companies. Through this clutter, Air Care is often irrelevant. The challenge is to make AmbiPur relevant during this period.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
The breaking of fast (“iftar”) time differs slightly each day during Ramadan. Traditionally, this moment is marked by an announcement from nearby mosques. Modern Malays instead rely on mass media as their information source. Research indicates that Malay TV viewership peaks within an hour before the iftar, immediately before viewers turn their attention to eating and bonding. The idea was to capitalize on an existing program with strong ratings during this high viewership timeslot. Jom Berbuka, the highest rated prime-time Ramadan show that features famous Muslim Malay celebrities breaking fast, was the perfect opportunity. Shopping insights tell us that there is an inherent appeal of collectible of food storage items, such as cookie jars. This is because they are used to serve treats to visitors during Raya open houses. AmbiPur already had an existing asset they could leverage on, in the form of stackable “Mamat family” tins. Combining the two insights, we turned the Mamat tins into cartoon characters and featured them on Jom Berbuka. Each episode followed the Mamat family adventures, ending with an important Ramadan message. We would infuse the key message that AmbiPur keeps their homes fresh and clean even after cooking the festive savory dishes.

The Execution
Each Jom Berbuka episode kicks off with the Mamat family, featuring Pak Mamat (dad), Mak Siti (mom), Kak Ani (daughter) and Dik Atan (son). Their adventures are strategically placed upfront to capture maximum attention. In between commercial breaks, which are typically the times when audiences’ attention wane, the animated characters would perform household chores such as spraying the air with AmbiPur. At the end of the show, the Mamat family would reflect on what they learned from the episode, mirroring the Ramadan values. An example of this is how children should help their parents with household chores. To take the message beyond Jom Berbuka, we also created 30-second capsules showcasing the Mamat family. These focus on giving quick tips for Ramadan and Raya, including the tedious “balik kampong” journey when families drive back to their hometowns. To amplify it beyond TV, we engaged bloggers to distribute this content online, reaching their strong base of faithful readers. Through the Mamat family owned asset, AmbiPur became an integral part of the iftar entertainment, cutting through the clutter.

The Results
AmbiPur was the scent of Ramadan and Raya. The Jom Berbuka integration cut through the intense clutter and delivered >74% reach, generating a massive 5.6X ROI. This includes 55million impressions online with 34X better click through rate than industry standard. The blogger outreach delivered >1million views, while 8,000 Facebook likes delivered organic shares. Sales sky-rocketed with nearly one million incremental AmbiPur products sold during the campaign, up +27% month-on-month and beating our target by 16%.