Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Proton Preve Unlocks the Bond in You

Advertiser: Proton Holdings Berhad
Brand: Proton
Creative Agency: Trival DDB
Credits: Universal McCann — Tammy Lim Siew Hoon (Business Director), Joyce Lee Phei Phei (Media Planner) / Proton Holdings Berhad — Alvin Tey Puat Seng (Interactive Marketing Manager), John Heng Fook Kheong (Interactive Marketing Manager) / Tribal DDB — Lim Tien Ming (Account Manager)

Proton Preve was pegged as first ever global sedan, which represented a new benchmark surpassing all expectations in the local automotive industry, with top end features in a value car. We needed to create the aura of sophistication and superior technology amongst the extremely cynical who don’t relate to Proton.

We needed to convince Malaysians about Preve being technologically superior than its competitors. Thanks to Hollywood, car scans, thermal imaging and 3D interactivity are considered as a mark of technological advancement. We decided to merge Malaysians love for mobile apps & their fascination with Hollywood through media innovation to launch the first ever innovative Virtual 3D augmented reality app to bring a showroom experience of the all-new Preve at the palm of their hands.

Prospects would be able to scan highly contextual websites and chance upon the ‘hot’ Preve zooming across leaving a thermal heat signature and revealing itself slowy. Once they get excited and are ready for more we led them to download the Preve 3D AR app which they would have to again use their spy skills to unlock the features on a fully interactive 3D Preve right in their hands, sleek sophisticated and truly world class.

The 3D AR application had an estimate of 25,000 downloads with Proton Preve earning the 4th place for most trending term in Google for 2012. PREVÉ had a huge increment of 11,310 bookings within the 2nd month after the launch despite having encountered limitations in their test drives units.