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Kids’ Fasting Companion: 30 days from Dawn to Dusk

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: 1 Ramakrishnan CN Universal Mccann Senior Vice President 2 Chinar Joshi Universal Mccann Strategic Director 3 Goh Soo Mei Universal Mccann Associate Director 4 Cathryn Pak Universal Mccann Media Manager 5 Nina Jayatileke Universal Mccann Media Planner 6 Rashid Rahayu Universal Mccann Chief Producer 7 George Pollyana Universal Mccann Project Leader 8 Stephanie Chin Universal Mccann Operations Director 9 Chow Lee Kheng Universal Mccann Senior Buyer

The Challenge
In Malaysian families typically once the kid turns 6 years old, Milk consumption reduces to 1/5th of early years, and other perceived cooler food items step into the nutritional gap. Dutch Lady, leading Malaysian dairy brand, faced the challenge of increasing milk consumption among kids, and fostering milk consumption habit.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insight: With even 6 year old kids fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, there was a new source of tension for mothers. They appreciated their child emulating the Prophet’s teaching, but couldn’t reconcile themselves to the loss of nutritional intake their baby would go through during fasting days. Strategy: The Holy Book highlights milk as the ‘Drink of Heaven’, culturally relevant insight allowed us to position Dutch Lady as the nutrition source for kids during the Holy Month. We launched a unique 3 Phased campaign- EDUCATE MOMS on the Importance of maintaining nutritional balance during fasting month. ENGAGE through contextual and time- bound messaging. ENTERTAIN Moms & Kids and add Dutch Lady flavor to the festivities. Idea: We understood that at this age mother’s influence wanes, and kids get inspired by their favorite celebrities. We worked with Malaysia’s Darling Daughter Mia Sara, to become a FIRST EVER fasting companion for kids during the holy month, and launched Dutch Lady’s Unique Ramadan campaign. Our extensive analysis of 17 top child celebrities, highlighted Mia Sara as the unanimous choice with highest affinity among kids, and proven ability to connect with mothers through consistent high ratings in TV programs she starred in.

The Execution
We developed 30 special videos featuring Mia Sara, Dutch Lady’s unique fasting companion for Kids. The 3 phased campaign began with 30 videos EDUCATING mothers about the importance of complete nutritional intake during fasting. Each new video was aired on TV at night and we timed it coincide with the period during which mothers prepared for Sahur (Last meal before fasting) for next morning. Mia Sara showcased everday issues faced by kids during fasting, and presented Dutch Lady milk as the solution. We ENGAGED moms in a CONTEXTUAL, TIME-BOUND manner. Each video message was customized at 4 levels- Time, Stage of the Fasting Month, and also targeted kids & Raya content searches on video platforms via Performance Marketing. A special Raya Dutch Lady calendar reminded mothers to use Dutch Lady everyday for Sahur. Charming Mia Sara ENTERTAINED Moms and Kids with her witty responses. We gave away special cups to kids, which could be used like a mug, a sippy cup or with a straw.

The Results
Campaign reached 93% of Muslim mothers, with 15% sales coming from first time Dutch Lady Users, and 16% sales coming from competitors’ users. Brand scores outperformed industry benchmark with 88% Moms enjoyed watching the video and 78% Moms being more inclined to use the brand. Sales volume increased by 8.5%, which is commendable considering 70% of Malaysia was fasting in Ramadan, and there was general decline in the sales volume across food & beverage category.