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2014 | |

How TV helped AirAsia Reach Out To Young Malaysians

Advertiser: AirAsia Bhd
Brand: AirAsia
Creative Agency: Woohoo Pictures and Astro TV
Credits: Carat Malaysia — Darren Yuen (General Manager), Gilbert Vicente (Business Director), Michelle Wee (Planning Director), Jennifer Pok (Senior Implementer)

The Challenge
AirAsia offers low fares, widest network and most frequencies of flight. However, Malaysians are not traveling as often as they should. From our study, we identified the lowest hanging fruit as Malay students, who enjoy roadtrips with friends. How do we entice them to travel more and fly with AirAsia?

The Solution – Insight & Idea
We learned that while Malay students love travelling, they have many other leisure or social activities that they do with their friends. They think that air travel is very costly, more so if they travel as a group. Hence, they mainly spend most of their time socializing and ‘lepak-ing’ with their friends. The main topic of their conversation is the celebrity they follow closely and wish to experience what these celebrities experience. Additionally, apart from socializing with friends, they spend most of their time on TV for entertainment, particularly content about their favorite celebrity. They also go online to catch-up on celebrity news, particularly on the celebrities’ social pages. Based on these insights, our strategy was to leverage on popular celebrities to inspire young Malays to fly with AirAsia. How? By creating a travelogue program in Bahasa to connect with them. Currently all travel programs available on TV are either in English or Chinese. Aside from using the local language, we want content that is fun, bold and inspiring to motivate them to live the life they’ve always been talking and dreaming about. Our idea? AirAsia Destinasi Ria – a celebrity-packed travelogue reality challenge ala Amazing Race!

The Execution
This travelogue reality program featured popular celebrities taking up a “restricted budget” challenge in a destination they have not been to. The challenge itself infuses AirAsia’s core USPs of lowest fares, widest network and most travel frequencies. Each episode featured experiences that appealed to our audience such as adventure, food, shopping and photography. There were a total of 13 destinations in 13 episodes featuring different celebrities experiencing different destinations, with the baton passed on to the next person to mark the breadth of AirAsia’s destinations. The ‘restricted budget’ helps to signify AirAsia’s lowest fares and convince Malay students that travelling can be done with a shoe-string budget. Since this is a first-time experience for the celebrities, they gladly shared photos and comments on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, resulting in extended presence and reach. We partnered with Astro TV and reached 6.6 million Malay young adults through their top rating Malay channels Ria, Prima and Warna. Additionally, we were able to gain access to Astro’s large celebrity pool, ensuring star value for the program.

The Results
Sales for the featured destination increase by 13% within 2 weeks of each episode. Social media pages of each celebrity posting had an average of 700 likes, clearly showing a strong following to the program and the content. With an investment of RM 300k, the ROI of 10x, we strongly believe that this approach on TV had successfully convinced the Young Malaysian to place travel as one of their top distractions.