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F&N Fun Flavours Puts Unique Branded Fun and Flavour Into Recipes this Ramadhan

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: F&N Fun Flavours
Creative Agency: -
Credits: UNIVERSAL McCANN — Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Elsa Fong (Associate Director), Cecilia Wong (Senior Buyer), Jennifer Soo (Senior Planner), Eunice Lian (Planner) F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd — Jenny Wong (Head-Regional Brand Development), Lorraine Tan (Senior Marketing Manager), Stephanie Wong (Senior Brand Manager), Patricia Lee (Brand Manager), Selena Tan (Brand Manager)

The Challenge
Raya typically represents the highest peak for Fun Flavours with advertising campaign starting few days before. For years, we avoided Ramadhan as it was impossible to “Buka Puasa” with gassy drinks. Not wanting to lose huge volumes again, we needed to make Fun Flavours relevant to Malay moms during Ramadhan.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHTS: Ramadhan is a time for religious communal activities with people gathering to “Buka Puasa” together. And for 30 days Malay moms will be busy preparing meals that normally comprises of sweet drinks, savoury dishes and desserts, but often lamenting what to cook next. STRATEGY: Fun Flavours decided to inspire cooking for Ramadhan, showing our consumers how to prepare a complete meal of firm favourites during the holy month. We had to demonstrate that Fun Flavours can be more than just a gassy drink, but also an important element for preparing dishes and desserts. Most importantly, it can be a drink that is easy to consume after a whole day of fasting. IDEA: Instead of just sponsoring yet another cooking programme and hoping that consumers will associate Fun Flavours with Ramadhan, we decided to create our very own Cooking show, Ini Caranya (This Is The Way). It was a cooking show that demonstrated how Fun Flavours can be used creatively and in ways they never thought possible, not just as Ramadhan drinks but for food preparation too.

The Execution
Working with Media Prima, we engaged the popular Chef Ismail, who Malay moms love to watch and follow. Chef Ismail took viewers on a journey of cooking discovery, teaching them how to prepare Ramadhan drinks and meals. In one episode, a stressed Diyana had to impress her future mom-in- law with a “Buka Puasa” spread. She bumps into Chef Ismail in the supermarket who offered help and they start shopping for ingredients including the all-important, F&N drinks. At home, Diyana was thought how to prepare “Acar Buah” with F&N Orange & “Therapy Cocktail” with F&N Ginger Ale. Keeping to the integrity of the story-flow and yet making F&N the hero,we were mindful not to be blatant. Product placements were strategically and seamlessly planned. For viewers who missed the show, they were still able to prepare F&N Ramadhan drinks via the easy-to- follow instructional TV guide. This 30 minute programme was anchored on TV3,over four Mondays at 5pm. To strengthen our connection, we intentionally chose the 5pm slot, catching moms just before “Buka Puasa” cooking preparation.

The Results
Spontaneous brand recall surged by 4% to 83% vs same period last year. In just 4 weeks, consumption increased by staggering 42% vs same period last year. This had eventually led to increase in sales by 7%. All in all, this integrated effort did not only managed to get F&N Fun Flavours back in touch with its core Malay segment, it had also successfully injected humour and spread cheer across 2.48 million Malays nationwide.