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F&N Ultimate, DIY Fun Kit Infuses Comedy on TV

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: F&N Fun Flavours
Creative Agency: -
Credits: UNIVERSAL McCANN — Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Elsa (FongAssociate Director), Cecilia Wong (Senior Buyer), Jennifer Soo (Senior Planner), Eunice Lian (Planner), Pollyanna George Joseph (Project Manager); F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd — Jenny Wong (Head-Regional Brand Development), Lorraine Tan (Senior Marketing Manager), Stephanie Wong (Senior Brand Manager), Patricia Lee (Brand Manager), Selena Tan (Brand Manager)

The Challenge
F&N Fun Flavours was under attack by an influx of health-oriented drink options and this had threatened the brand at various levels from Awareness to Penetration to Sales. The challenge was to rethink the brand’s approach to reignite our core Malay drinkers.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHTS: Survey revealed that Malaysians are working more compared to other countries. Hence, they are constantly looking for a good laugh to relieve stress. STRATEGY: We know that comedic genre was highly popular among Malays because of the success of programs like Raja Lawak. Hence, the mission was to inject humour back into people’s lives. But we didn’t want to merely sponsor an existing prank show, we wanted to involve the consumers. IDEA: In the hands of the media agency, this ultimately led to the inception of F&N Fun Flavours Ultimate FUN Kit – the nation’s first ever, DIY Prank kit. The idea was to put consumers right at the heart of all the action, executing their hilarious prank suggestions on-camera for a light- hearted, humor-infused experience. We provided consumers with the tools and platform to carry out the pranks, capturing the most humorous highlights in a top entertainment TV programme. In association with Media Prima, we successfully worked with their TV Hosts who were actually popular Radio DJs as well. We seamlessly brought together TV Hosts and consumers to co-create an entertaining and engaging content. Consumers were also the actors, and their unsuspecting friends and families became the “victims”.

The Execution
In the pursuit of Fun, we identified HotTV, a top entertainment TV programme hosted by fun-loving HotFM DJs to anchor our campaign. For 3 weeks, the TV Hosts / DJs drove participation enthusiastically on the programme. They asked viewers if they knew of anyone who needed a little cheer and how they planned to prank that person. Then we worked with selected winners to bring alive the prank. In one of the prank, a young man and his friends drove to a cafe. Whilst enjoying teh-ais, an F&N “game crew” comprising popular actress, Neelofa set up a game booth around his car. Imagine his surprise to find his car wrapped bright orange, decorated with F&N products and was given away as the game’s main prize! The initial shock experienced by the poor guy quickly changed to a fun surprise with laughter all around. All winning pranks were later aired on prime time on HotTV for all to enjoy!

The Results
All in all, this integrated effort did not only manage to get F&N Fun Flavours back in touch with its core Malay segment, it also successfully injected humour and spread cheer across 3.13 million Malays nationwide. Spontaneous brand recall surged by 5% to 80% vs same period last year. In just 4 weeks, consumption experienced 73% vs same period last year. This had eventually led to sales growth by +82%.