Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

The Malaysians’ Wonderland

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Samsung GALAXY Note II
Creative Agency: LiquidThread, Leo Burnett
Credits: LiquidThread — Siti Khairuddin (Associate Director – Brand Connections), Asreena Ramdan (Senior Project Executive); Andrea Samuel (Planning Manager)

The Challenge
Samsung GALAXY Note II entered the market with a strong proposition, “Be Creative”. GALAXY Note II is an enabler for users to explore the world of creativity, to stay ahead of the game; however, many fail to see the phone suitable for themselves, but more for creative individuals.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
We believe that everyone has a creative tool that they carry with them every day – our eyes. We see the world and record images every day. Our solution, “Malaysians’ Wonderland” was to put creativity into the hands of ordinary people – to get them to tell how they see Malaysia as a wonderland. This allowed the audience to discover and demonstrate how the Note II evoked their inner senses and allowed them to “Be Creative”. Building on the success of the first project – the award-winning Sparkle Project; Samsung and Yuna embarked on a journey aided by the GALAXY Note II, bringing everything special about Malaysia to life. GALAXY Wonderland was to be a musical voyage brought to life on Samsung’s latest flagship, the GALAXY Note II, and celebrates Malaysia’s identity through its culture, places, and art. Yuna was to once again work with a host of creative collaborators as well as her fans to paint a Malaysian Wonderland through the eyes of her people.

The Execution
Yuna’s journey in GALAXY Wonderland will be featured in an eight part, 30-minutes travelogue series on Astro Ria, where she explore the stories submitted by Malaysians in finding inspiration for her song. The GALAXY Wonderland got Malaysians to re-discover Malaysia. The series was hosted by Yuna’s friends – Narmi and Suhaili, along with their GALAXY Note IIs, they went around Malaysia and interpreted what Malaysians saw – from a different perspective. What was once something many Malaysians have taken for granted, is now re- discovered and explored through a different take, and the result was enchantingly beautiful. From an abandoned local industry like sea fishing to the forgotten Kelly’s castle. The 8 part series contributed to the inspiration of Yuna’s new music video, where this music video was shared online. Malaysians saw what they often took for granted through the lenses of the GALAXY Note II. They saw how beautiful things can be once you open up your mind which was exactly mimics GALAXY Note II’s proposition “Be Creative.”

The Results
The 8 series attracted over 1,146,000 views on Astro Ria across 8 weeks. These videos were watched by over 30,000 YouTubers – with no paid media support. Yuna’s Galaxy Wonderland music video and ‘the making of’ garnered over 690,000 views on YouTube. GALAXY Note II’s search index jumped by 83 points.